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Monday, January 11, 2010

Watch Neeya Naana 10-01-10|Vijay TV online

neeya naana
Watch Vijay TV Neeya Naana 10-01-10 online @

Todays topic of discusion: Muthathayargalin Peyar Vaipathu Sangadama Illaya

Neeya Naana 10-01-10 Part 1

Neeya Naana 10-01-10 Part 2

Neeya Naana 10-01-10 Part 3

Neeya Naana 10-01-10 Part 4

Neeya Naana 10-01-10 Part 5

Neeya Naana 10-01-10 Part 6

Neeya Naana 10-01-10 Part 7

Neeya Naana 10-01-10 Part 8

Neeya Naana 10-01-10 Part 9

Neeya Naana 10-01-10 Part 10

Neeya Naana 10-01-10 Part 11


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Watch Asal அசல் movie online

Aasal 2010 Movie HQ Mp3 Songs [MU & RS]

Cast: Ajitkumar, Prabhu,  & Bhavana
Direction: Saran
Production: Prabhu
Music: Bhardwaj
Lyricis: Vairamuthu

Aasal: The Power of Silence (Tamil: அசல்) is a forthcoming Tamil feature film to be directed by Saran and produced by Prabhu Ganesan and Ramkumar Ganesan of Sivaji Productions. The film stars Ajith Kumar in dual roles, along with Prabhu, Sameera Reddy, Bhavana, Suresh, Rajiv Krishna and Suhasini Mani Ratnam to portray the film's lead roles. The film was launched in 8 April 2009,[3] and the shooting for the film started in Malaysia on 18 June 2009. It will be the most expensive Ajith film ever made.[4] The film has been slated to be released on 26 January 2010. Asal is Most Eagerly Awaited Biggie of the year.[5]

01. Aasal...
Singers : Sunitha Menon

02. Kuthiraikku Theriyum......
Singers : Surmukhi & SreeCharan

03. Tottodaing...
Singers : Mukesh & Janani

04. Yen*** Yen***......
Singers : S.P.Bala

05. Yea Dushyantha...
Singers : Surmukhi & Kumaran

06. Em Thandhai...
Singers : Bharadwaj

07. Yen*** Yen***...

Download MP3 songs
Singers : Karthikeyan

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Watch Vettaikaran movie Sirapu Kannottam online

Watch SUN TV Vettaikaran movie Sirappu kannotam 01-01-10 , new year special

Watch Vettaikaran movie online

Vettaikaran movie Sirappu kannotam group1

Vettaikaran movie Sirappu kannotam group 2

Watch Neeya Naana 01-01-10|New Year special| Rasi Balan 2010 neeya naana online

neeya naana

Watch Vijay TV Neeya Naana 01-01-10 online @

Todays topic of discusion:Rasi Balan 2010

Neeya Naana 01-01-2010 part 1

Neeya Naana 01-01-2010 part 2

Neeya Naana 01-01-2010 part 3

Neeya Naana 01-01-2010 part 4

Neeya Naana 01-01-2010 part 5

Neeya Naana 01-01-2010 part 6

Neeya Naana 01-01-2010 part 7

Neeya Naana 01-01-2010 part 8

Neeya Naana 01-01-2010 part 9


Watch Boys Vs Girls 01-01-10 |Vijay TV online

Boys Vs Girls
Watch Vijay TV Boys Vs Girls 01-01-10 New year Special

Boys Vs Girls 01-01-10 part 1

Boys Vs Girls 01-01-10 part 2

Boys Vs Girls 01-01-10 part 3

Boys Vs Girls 01-01-10 part 4

Boys Vs Girls 01-01-10 part 5

Watch Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09|Vijay TV online

Nadanthathu Enna
Watch Vijay TV Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 online @

Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 Part 1

Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 Part 2

Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 Part 3

Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 Part 4

Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 Part 5

Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 Part 6

Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 Part 7

Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 Part 8

Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 Part 9

Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 Part 10

Nadanthathu enna 31-12-09 Part 11

Watch Rani 6 Raja Yaaru 31-12-09|SUN TV online

Rani 6 Raja Yaaru
Watch Sun TV Rani 6 Raja Yaaru 31-12-09 new year Speacial online @

Rani 6 Raja Yaaru 31-12-09 Part 1


Watch Best of 2009 Movies|kalignar TV online

Watch Kalaignar tvs best of 2009 movies online

Top 10 movies |Kalignar TV

Watch Kanavu Kanni 2010 | Sun TV online

Watch Sun TV Kanavu Kanni 2010 online

Competitors are Tammanah,Anuska,Shreya,Geneliya,Namitha,Sunaina,Nayanthara,Sameera Reddy

Kansvu kanni

Watch Making of Ayirathi Oruvan|Sun TV|New Year Spl online

Watch SUN TV Making of Ayirathil Oruvan , new year special

Making of Ayirathil Oruvan SUN TV


Watch Top 20 songs 2009|KalignarTV |Sun Music online

Watch Kalignar TV and sun music Top 20 songs 2009, new year special

Kalignar TV Top 20 songs

Sun Music Top 20 Songs


Watch Best Comedy 2009|Sun TV |New year Spl online

2009 top comedies
Watch Sun TV Best Comedy 2009 online , new year special

2009 Top Comedies


Watch Top 10 Fights| Kalignar TV|New year special online

watch Kalignar TV Top 10 fights online , new year special

2009 Top 10 Fights


Watch Kalaignar TV Best Comedy 2009 online

Watch Kalaignar TV Best Comedy 2009 new year special.

Kalaignar TV Best Comedy 2009


Thursday, December 31, 2009

Watch Jaggubhai Tamil movie online

Jaggubhai movie
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Banner: Radaan & Z Motion Pic.
Cast: Sharathkumar, Shreya & Kaundamani
Direction: K. S. Ravikumar
Production: R. Rathika Sarathukumar
Music: Rafi
Lyricis: Kabilan, Kadhalmathi, Na.Muthukumar & Kalyani

Watch Jaggubhai movie online

Source 1

Video starts after 1.30 mins

Disclaimer: Tamil Theater Team nor its webmaster did not upload this movie/video to any site.

Source 2( Broken )





Part 8

Other Parts Coming Soon

Download Jaggubhai movie

Screen shots


Monday, December 28, 2009

Watch Vettattam Tamil movie online

Vettattam movie, Vettattam tamil movie, Vettattam movie online, Vettattam tamil movie online, tamil movie online, online tamil movie, tamil movies, Vettattam tamil movie DVD, Vettattam high quality movie online, free
Banner: Visalakshi Creations PVT Ltd
Direction: D.S.Kannan
Production: Visweswara Group
Music: Sree Sai.V Lyricis: Na.Muthukumar & Na. annamalai

Watch Vettatam movie online


Watch Kandha Kottai tamil movie online

Kandha Kottai movie, Kandha Kottai tamil movie,kantha kottai movie online, Kandha Kottai movie online, Kandha Kottai tamil movie online, tamil movie online, online tamil movie, tamil movies, Kandha Kottai tamil movie DVD, Kandha Kottai high quality movie online, free

Kandha Kottai  movie online
Kandha Kottai’ is originaly produced by T T Raja under the banner of E S K Productions. Kalpathi Agoram has later acquired the rights and planning to release the movie soon.

Release Date: 19 Dec 2009
Genre: Action - Romance
Language: Tamil
Certification: U
Director: S. Kadhirvel
Producer: Kalpathi S Agoram
Music Director: Dhina

Cast:Nakul,Poorna,Santhanam,Sampath Raj and others

Watch Kandha Kottai movie online,

Source 1(PDVD)

Source 2(VCD Print)
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


Download Links
kandha kottai part 1 |kandha kottai part 2|kandha kottai part 3|kandha kottai part 4

Nakul’s both the previous films ‘Kadhalil Vizhundhen’ and ‘Maasilamani’ proved to be successful films at box office. Of course, Sun Pictures had publicized the film with greater magnitude thereby increasing the popularity.

But this time, Nakul seems to have geared up for a similar style of ‘Maasilamani’ which fails to impress any centers.

The film is about beating the same bush where hero doesn’t believe in love and later falls for a girl and saves from the trouble.

The film is about Siva (Nakul), who has a great hatred for love and those who’re in love (the character itself reveals about it in the introduction part). On the contrary, Pooja (Poorna) does Vijay ‘Shahjahan’ here as she is ready for any risks to unite the couples in love. These characters encounter each other when Siva’s sister Girija and Poorn’a cousin boy are in love.

Later Siva develops a great affinity for Pooja and falls in love with her and so she does. But the problem strikes when Pooja rejects her friend’s proposal. Unbearable to her denial, he commits suicides and his father (Sampath) sets out to retaliate for the closer ones of Pooja.

Now our hero gets into the picture and wins over the baddie, joining hands with his belle.

The film has nothing to appreciate about. Nakul follows the same patterned performance as in his previous film. Naturally, he’s a good dancer and the song ‘Eppadi Ennul’ he crooned is a feet-tapping number. But it’s annoying to watch him fighting against hefty rowdies.

The audiences are expecting something worth for the money they pay.

Poorna on the other hand overblindly imitates Asin with her gestures, facial expressions, which in no way suits her. We kindly request Poorna to have a better makeover and costume designing and don’t try glamour.

Santhanam cannot afford something different other than passing funny comments, sometimes even clumsy.

Dheena’s musical score doesn’t catch-up our attention while cinematography is okay.

Finally, with a big ticket having hit the screens this weekend, ‘Kandha Kottai’ has no probabilities of get it going successful at box office. Nakul has to change a lot when it comes to choosing the script that has content value.

Watch Vettaikaran Tamil Movie online

Vettaikaran movie
Vettaikaran movie online
Production: M. Balasubramanian and B. Gurunath Meiyappan
Direction: Babu Sivan(debut)
Music: Vijay Anthony
Cinematography: Gopinath
Editing: V.T. Vijay
Released By Sun Pictures,
Starring Vijay,Anushka Shetty,Srihari,Salim Ghouse,Sayaji Shinde,Sanchitha Padukone

Watch Vettaikaran Movie Online

Source 1(VCD print Will be updated with HQ later)

Source 2(VCD)

After a long time, almost all the songs in Vijay’s film impress the audiences. Especially, he has completely changed his dancing style from his previous films.

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VCD print

Part 1

TC Print

Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|part 5|Part 6|Part 7

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Listen and Download Vettaikaran movie Songs click here

Public Opinion, First Day


First Day Celebration

Audio Launch funtion

The first screening for the audience of India and Sri Lanka was at 11.30 on the 17th of December. The film was then screened worldwide on the 18th of December 2009. The film has mostly received negative reviews so far

Several actresses were considered to essay the lead female role with Shriya Saran, Tamanna Bhatia,Ileana D'Cruz, Bhavana Balachandran, Asin Thottumkal Nayantara, and Anushka Shetty being considered for the role. Afterwards, Anushka Shetty was finalized to portray the role.

Vijay Antony was favoured for the music composer position, who recently scored for the film Kadhalil Vizhunthen and received many accolades for "Nakka Mukka", which was regarded as one of the best songs composed in 2008.

Cinematographer Gopinath was chosen to be the lead cameraman in the film after Ravi Varman was dropped out from the film.

V. T. Vijayan was also signed as the film's editor while Milan has been signed to serve as the film's art director.

Watch RENIGUNTA|RENIGUNDA tamil movie online


RENIGUNTA movie, RENIGUNTA tamil movie,RENIGUNDA movie DVD, RENIGUNTA movie online, RENIGUNTA tamil movie online, tamil movie online, online tamil movie, tamil movies, RENIGUNTA tamil movie DVD, RENIGUNTA high quality movie online, free

Starring: : Johnny, Sanusha, Nishanth, Sandeep.
Direction: Panneerselvam
Music: Ganesh Ragavendran
Production: Mahendra Kumar Jain

Some themes are capable of questioning the collective conscience of the society. Renigunta has to fall into that genre. Though not being a path breaking or trail blazing effort, Renigunta has enough uniqueness and undiluted treatment to deserve some attention. It is very clear that the film has not been made with only commercial success as the motivation; the makers have been honest to the theme first and put all other elements behind it.

Watch Reniginta Movie online

Source 1 (PDVD)

Source 2 (PDVD)

Source 3 TC Print

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Tc quality

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Listen to Reningunta Movie Songs


Renigunta tells the story of 5 young men who are at large after having escaped from prison. They land up in Renigunta after their journey to Mumbai goes awry midway. They stay on as they find Renigunta a fertile ground for their activities which mainly consist of carrying out murders as per order. They are ruthless assassins who will kill anyone for a fee, it seems. But, how did they turn out to be the criminals that they are? That is where Renigunta can make people do some soul searching. The process of creating a criminal out of a very normal youngster is masterminded by the society; first by preferring to keep quiet when he needs help and then by hurriedly branding him as a criminal the moment he tries to raise a voice for himself. With no alternative left, the young man turns to the only people who will accept him into their fold, they are people who have already been branded criminals by the society. The like minded and similarly affected youngsters join together knowing that their only hope of a future is by intimidating others into submission and they pick up arms, turning into full fledged assassins.

The process of a criminal’s evolution is told through the life of newcomer Johnny who is the son of a law abiding dutiful police officer who gets involved in a pretty dangerous case. Johnny’s dad’s conscientiousness costs him his life as well as his wife’s. Only Johnny is left alone. No one comes to his help, no one fights for justice and the frustrated and angry young man tries to wreak revenge. But, too small and too weak for the evil forces, he is branded as a criminal and put behind bars. Again, neither the law nor the society turns to help him. Labeled as a criminal and facing torture in jail, he finds refuge in a band of four young men who have already turned the corner and accepted lives on the wrong side of the law. The quintet sets off on the journey that takes them to Renigunta.

The film is not all about crime and violence. Even if these elements form the major portion and the moving force of the narrative, the finer emotions within the minds of the youngsters is also shown. There is a muted love story (literally) that blossoms between Johnny and a girl in Renigunta who cannot speak. It is understated for most part but the feelings are effectively communicated. The other four associates of Johnny realize this and implore him to leave their company with her so that he can have a normal life. Fine strands of friendship can be felt here. The character of the girl’s elder sister who has been forced, partly by circumstances and mostly by her drunk husband into being a prostitute also leaves an impact. In spite of her sufferings she wants to make sure that her sibling gets a peaceful life. The climax carries the typical message that crime never pays.

The director (Paneerselvam) has delivered what he set out to give. He has not diluted the theme or deviated from it for commercial considerations. The amount of violence seems to be justified by the script; one cannot point out a place where it seems forced. Having said that, the A certificate is completely justified and the movie is certainly not for very young people or those who are looking for regular entertainers. It is dark and grim most of the time. Scenes are gory and at times can leave even men accustomed to such movies with a grimace.
The young cast, mostly newcomers have done a fine job. Johnny and Sanusha do their parts well; the former impresses in spite of having very few dialogues. But, it is the young handicapped man who impresses the most, especially in dialogue delivery.

Technically the movie is adequate. Camerawork suits the mood of the movie for most parts while music does not find too much of a place in spite of a few songs in the film. Dialogues by Singampuli are definitely praiseworthy.

Renigunta is not a movie made with commercial intentions in mind. Though violence and brutality are constants throughout the movie, it is neither superficial nor forced. The message that the director set out to convey has been said effectively, the society’s role in making criminals out of promising young men has been shown, the third degree treatment meted out to accused prisoners is depicted and the helplessness of such people is well portrayed. It is bound to get noticed in the non-commercial circles. Watch it if you can stomach some undiluted portrayal of violence, third degree and the dark side of life on the wrong side of law. It is not for the regular entertainment seekers nor advisable for those few who believe in mimicking on screen exploits in real life.

Verdict: The dark life: Undiluted & Uninhibited

Watch Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road (2009) movie online

Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road movie, Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road tamil movie, Swetha 5/11 Wellington Road movie online, Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road tamil movie online, tamil movie online, online tamil movie, tamil movies, Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road tamil movie DVD, Swetha 5/11 Wellington Road high quality movie online, free
Cast : Girish, Shiv, Keerthi Chawla and Others
Cinematography : S. Venkat Kumar
Music : Surya
Producer: G Company
Director: Sanjay Ram

Source 1

Source 2

Download links

Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road part 1

Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road part 2

Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road part 3

Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road part 4

Watch Yogi Tamil Movie online

Yogi tamil movie
Yogi movie, Yogi tamil movie,download Yogi tamil movie, Yogi movie online, Yogi tamil movie online, tamil movie online, online tamil movie, tamil movies, Yogi tamil movie DVD, Yogi high quality movie online, free

Star-casts: Ameer, Madhumitha, Nirmala Periasamy, Snegan and others.
Banner: Team Work Productions
Production: Ameer Direction: Subramaniam Siva
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Firstly, ‘Yogi’ is a remake of ‘Tsotsi’, a world cinema that’s making high waves in various arenas till the moment. The film is about a ruffian, who comes across a child and how is a life change from then on.

Watch Yogi Movie online

Source 1(PDVD)

Source 2(PDVD)

Theater Print
Part 1

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TC Print
Part 1|Part 2|Part 3

Thirai Parvai


The story was perfect on all terms – say from narration, duration, technical treatment and performances as well. With Subramaniam Siva and Ameer joining hands together, the duo has landed up for a different treatment of this film attempting to suit the taste of Tamil audiences.

Unfortunately, Ameer has failed to recognize himself of giving best things and falls into the pit of what other masala filmmakers do after watching DVDs.

Sorry to say! The film lacks solidity from the beginning till the end. Sparing few honky-dory of its kind of exceptional shots of Ameer playing with snake and rats, there’s nothing much that invigorates your senses.

Unwanted build-ups for Ameer with top-angle and rap background score spoils out his image badly…

Yogi & his gang – the most threatening gangsters find themselves as powerful entities. Nothing stops them from looting the money and wealth. On the run of being chased by police, Yogi barges into a car and drives on to elope from the clutches of cops. And then he finds a baby child, which changes his entire course of life.

Let’s analyze the film on positive and negative aspects:

The pluses are Ameer’s performance. The filmmaker has done his part well. Especially, we have to appreciate him for maintaining a good physique. But he should’ve pretty well focused on trimming certain unwanted parts.

For illustration, the introduction part of the film is so lengthy and so are the flashback sequences. The father’s role is so cruel and overdosed violence and awkwardness. Those shots should’ve been just narrated within a matter of song.

Madhumitha excels with her performance. It would have been better if her skin was yet more tanned. Swathi doesn’t get more footage while Vincent Ashokan has a new-dimensioned characterization. Lyric writer Snegan overreacts on many occasions and tries to vocalize as gangsters in Gowtham Menon movies.

Only solace is through Yuvan Shankar Raja. He makes a commendable effort on both songs and background score. Cinematography is perfect and editing is sleek.

If Ameer had avoided the unwanted elements and presented the film with a short duration, the film would’ve been a sure winner across all centres.

But now the results remains contrastive as there are no probabilities of film succeeding.

Bottom – Line: Disloyal remake of ‘Tsotsi’

Verdict: Mediocre on all aspects

Watch and Download Naan Avan Illai 2 movie online

Watch Naan Avan Illai 2 movie
Naan Avan Illai 2 movie, Nan Avan Illai 2 movie,Watch Naan AvanIllai2 movie ,Naan Avan Illai 2 tamil movie, Naan Avan Illai 2 movie online, Naan Avan Illai 2 tamil movie online, tamil movie online, online tamil movie, tamil movies, Naan Avan Illai 2 tamil movie DVD, Naan Avan Illai 2 high quality movie online, free

Production: Nemikchand Jhabak, Hitesh Jhabak

Direction: Selvah

Star-casts: Jeevan, Sangeetha, Lakshmi Rai, Hema Malini, Swetha Menon, Rakshana and others

Music: D. Imman

Watch Nan Avan Illai 2 movie online

Source 1(HQ)

Source 2

Source 3

PDVD Download Links
Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|Part 6|Part 7|Part 8|Part9|Part10|Part 11|Part 12|Part 13|Part 14|part 15|Part 16|Part 17|Part 18|Part 19|Part 20|Part 21


Filmmaker Selvahs remake of Naan Avanillai proved to be a black horse at box office and after now hes proving of his adeptness again with its sequel. Nearly couple of years, The Master of Deception is back in business with his tritely conniving styles. Jeevan plays the same role of a conman transfixing the filthy rich girls (Lakshmi Rai, Hema Malini, Swetha Menon and Rakshana), whose dreams are barely about money, diamonds and an obedient servant-like-husbands.

Although, the entire film has the hackneyed narration of Jeeva repeating the same fraudulent acts again and again, Selvah makes sure that audiences dont feel bored about it. Much similar to the prequel, weve Jeevan reasserting Naan Avanillai (I am not that person) and naturally, it adds to the interesting quotients in this film.

Sangeetha gears on for an exceptional role sans glamour while rest of the actresses seem to have crossed their limits of glam-quotients. Especially Hema Malini turns to be topped on these charts as she does nothing other than skin shows. On the pars, Rakshana and Swetha Menon strive to get their skins exposed to extreme. But its really puzzling on whos actually designing costumes for Lakshmi Rai.

Technically, the film hasnt got anything special to mention about. It looks like music director Imman had just scored the music without any interests. Or maybe, Selvah requested him not to strain too much for best tunes.

Though Jeevans scheming acts are quite enjoyable, they lack logicalities. The best part to be appreciated is Selvahs sleek screenplay and his ability to present an entertaining film with a short duration of just 105mins.

Finally, if youve planned to watch this Naan Avanillai-2, just go ahead, sit back and relax. But please drop your reasoning factors aside and dont question certain illogical attributes prevalent in the screenplay

Watch Thamizhagam Tamil Movie online

movie: Thamizhagam
Starcast: Rishi, Archana, Karunas, Malaysia Vasudevan
Director: Suresh Kumar
Music: Asif Ali


Watch Pazhassi Raja Tamil Movie online

Pazhassi Raja movie

Movie : Pazhassi Raja

Pazhassi Raja (Theatrical release name in Kerala: Keralavarma Pazhassiraja) is a Indian multilingual biopic magnum opus film directed by T. Hariharan, and written by M.T. Vasudevan Nair. It stars megastar Mammootty in the title role, and R. Sarathkumar, Thilakan, Kanika Subramaniam, Padmapriya, Manoj K. Jayan, Peter Handley Evans, Harry Key, Linda Arsenio and Jagathi Sreekumar in other major roles. The film's music score and soundtrack are done by Illayaraja. A part of the score was produced at the Hungarian National Philharmonic (Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra), Budapest. The sound designing is done by Academy Award winner Resul Pookutty. Originally filmed in the Malayalam language, the film is dubbed in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. The film released on 16 October 2009 across Kerala with a record 130 prints

Vijay TV Sirappu Parvai

The movie is about the king Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja (Mammootty), who belong to the Kottayam royal family, and his guerilla revolts against the (British East India Company) when they imposed high revenue policies towards the peole of Kottayam. Kottayam kingdom comprised the present day Wayanad.

Pazhassi Raja was the ruler of Kottayam. His family helped the British to fight against Tipu Sultan when the latter tried to invade Wayanad. But soon after the British imposed high taxes on the people of Wayanad. Pazhassi Raja opposed this movement and didn't agree for the new taxes. This made the British Rulers angry with him. With the help of Pazhassi Raja's uncle Kurumbranaadu Raja Veeravarma (Thilakan), who was jealous with Pazhassi for his success and influence on the people, and Pazhassi's old companion Pazhayamveedan Chandhu (Suman), the British started war against Pazhassi. This forced Pazhassi Raja to escape to the forest.

Gokulam Gopalan is the producer of Pazhassi Raja. The total budget of the movie is about INR 32 crores ,which makes it the costliest Malayalam movie The sounds in the war scenes of the movie were recreated under Academy Award winner Resul Pookutty as he joined in the project only after its completion.


Mammootty plays the titular role of Pazhassi Raja. There are three heroines with Padma Priya appearing as a Tribal girl, Kanika as his wife and Linda Arsenio as an English woman. Linda is a theatre artist in New York, who has also acted in the film Kabul Express.

Through this film, Sarath Kumar makes his debut in Malayalam cinema. He portrays Edachena Kunkan, the chief lieutenant to Pazhashi Raja.Suman plays a negative role Pazhayamveedan Chandu

Watch and Download ThambiVudayaan Movie online

Watch and Download ThambiVudaayan Movie online

Starring: Aadhitya Anbu, Manisha Shattarji, Charu Haasan, Kadhal Dhandapani.
Direction: Rajaa Mahesh
Music: Shravan
When the Cauvery dries up, who suffers the most? Not the people in the cities who don’t get running water in the pipes, it is the farmers in the villages who helplessly watch as their crops wilt in the harsh summer sun, knowing that each passing day is pushing them into abject poverty and starvation. Someone has to stand up to fight for those who suffer. The young Thambivudayaan decides that he has had enough of waiting for the right things to happen, he takes matters into his own hands. Does he succeed?
Dealing with a theme of burning contemporary relevance, the film shows very uncomfortable realities of rural life. Maybe that is why it had to go through a long and tedious censor process with around 40 recommended cuts. This shows that the treatment of the film by director Rajaamahes has been strong and uncompromising.
The cast is full of new faces. Music has been scored by Sharavan and camera has been handled by Madhavaraj Datar.
It will be interesting to see whether this socially relevant theme is able to strike a chord with the audiences

Watch the Movie

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HQ TC PRINT Screen shots

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7| Part 8

Watch and Download Palaivana Cholai(2009) movie online

Palaivana Cholai" surrounds its story among five close friends Prabhu, Ramana, Yuvan, Ilavarasu and Aathi. Ramana (Sanjeev), a poor man whose sister Gayathri is ready for marriage. He arranges his sister's marriage with someone and invites his friends and elations. Priya, Prabhu's lover, helps Ramana by giving her mother's wedding chain. Does Prabhu separate from Ramana? Does Priya fall in love with Ramana? Forms the rest of the story.

Watch Palaivana Cholai movie Online

Source 1

Source 2

Download Links to updated later

Release Date: 7th November 2009

Language: Tamil

Running Time: 160 mins

Rating: PG13

Genre: Drama

Starring: Nithin Sathya,

Directed by: K.S. Dayalan